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Why Does Ryan Gosling Want to Punch People?

UPDATE 1/25/15: Before I really started going with this blog, I published a few funny posts for the heck of it. I have kept this one from the trash bin because it makes me laugh, and reminds me that I have been thinking about this blog for more than 3 years.

Dear Ryan Gosling Cyber Stalker, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Ryan seems to be posing mid-punch in many photos recently. What’s with the violence? Is he angry?

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For the most part, most of the time, he seems very affable and indisputably handsome. His life seems super pleasant in all aspects. What could have him so vexed? Is it because he’s only debatably the MOST handsome of all living human males. Is he feeling like a sexy second fiddle?

Even though he puts this volatile presentation out in public, perhaps it is not my place to ponder on the emotional origins of his display. Instead, I will remain flummoxed and uneasy as I walk the razor-thin edge between being attracted to his cute face and thwarted by his angry fist. Gives me e-motion sickness.

Oh Ryan, please stop pushing us away and go back to the studio for another Dead Man’s Bone’s album. Thank you kindly.



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